How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller? Guide For Beginners 2023

How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller? Guide For Beginners 2023

Do you know how to charge DJI Mavic mini controller? If you recently purchased a Mavic Mini (either the standard model or the fly combo model), charging is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

The procedure for the drone batteries is fairly straightforward, but you might get a little lost with the controller. There are two ways to charge the batteries for drones. Don’t worry, I am going to tell you exactly how to charge Using your micro-USB, control a DJI Mavic mini.

It depends on whether you purchased the Fly More Combo or the standard Mavic Mini in your Mavic Mini package. These are the straightforward charging techniques that apply to both. Keep reading, let’s dive into the world of DJI!

How Long Does A DJI Mavic Mini Battery Last?

A 2,600 mAh battery powers the DJI Mavic mini remote control.

Accordingly, you can use it along with an iOS device for almost 4 hours and 30 minutes, but only for 1 hour and 40 minutes if you’re using an Android device.

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How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller?

How to charge Mavic mini controller is a frequently asked question among people. The fairly obvious micro USB port on the side of your Mavic Mini drone is there when you first get it, waiting for your charging cable. The controller, however, doesn’t actually have a functional micro USB port.

You must still charge the controller with a micro USB cable, though. If your expression is twisted into a look of confusion, you would be entirely justified. In a strange move, DJI doesn’t really explain everything in the drone’s accompanying instructions.

DJI Mavic Mini Controller

So, how do you charge the controller? You still use the micro USB charging cable, as we already stated. However, to use your USB connection, you must actually plug it into the data port on the side of the controller, which has a compatible connector inside of it.

How To Charge Mavic Mini Batteries?

There are two methods for charging the Intelligent Flight Battery.

Method 1. Charging The Battery Using The Actual Drone

  • First, put the battery in from the back. Verify that you firmly press it in.
  • Step 2 Close the door after placing the Mavic mini’s micro USB plug inside.
  • Step 3 Join the USB charger to an AC power source (100-240V, 50/60Hz), if necessary.
  • Step 4: While charging, the battery level LEDs show the current battery level.
  • Step 5: When all of the LEDs on the battery level are on, the Clever Flight Battery is finished charging.
  • Step 6: After the battery has fully charged, unplug the USB charger.

Method 2. Charging By The Mavic Mini Two Way Charging Hub

You can charge three batteries simultaneously using the Mavic two-way charging hub

  • The first step is to insert your battery into the port until you hear a click. The battery’s exact level will then be visible to you.
  • Step 2 Attach a Micro USB cable and a DJI 18W USB charger to the hub for charging and plug it into a power outlet (100-240V, 50/60Hz).
  • Step 3: The remaining batteries will be charged in accordance with their power levels, starting with the Clever Flight Battery with the highest power level.
  • The status LEDs will glow white when the battery is fully charged (Step 4).
  • Step 5 Disconnect the battery from the hub for charging

Two methods exist for charging the Mavic Mini. According to the Mavic package you bought, they are both dependent.

Regular Mavic Mini Kit

Simply insert the battery and attach the Micro USB cable to the back of the standard Mavic Mini to start charging it. A computer, a wall outlet, or a portable power bank can all be used to charge the Mavic. One battery can only be charged at a time.. so we will have to fly more kit.

Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

There is a two-way charger hub included with the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo. Using the Micro USB port on the hub’s side, you can charge your batteries; alternatively, you can charge another device using the longer, rectangular USB-A cable. It’s wonderful to have quick access to power for your device. Additionally, three devices can be charged simultaneously without requiring battery replacement. It’s great.

How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Remote Controller?

This puzzles a lot of Mavic Mini owners. A Micro USB port, which is present on the drone and battery hub, is absent from the Mavic Mini Controller. How do you charge it?

DJI does a poor job of explaining how the remote controller is recharged. Even though they advise using a Micro USB cable, the port’s absence is concerning. It turns out that even though your drone lacks a Micro USB port, the Micro USB cable can still be used to charge it. It’s true, I don’t understand why they do this.

Your Mavic Mini Controller can be charged by inserting the Micro USB cable into the controller’s USB OTG port. Although this is odd for a variety of reasons, it makes more sense when you consider why DJI made this. It still isn’t something I enjoy.

DJI Mavic Mini

How Should The Micro USB Cable Be Plugged In?

If you’re unsure of which way the micro USB cable should be inserted, it’s simple to remember that the shorter portion of the connector should face the front of your controller. And the long bit should face the back, in the opposite direction.

The majority of micro USB cables will have the USB symbol, which designates the “top,” on them. This symbol is typically close to the connector’s short part. Reminding you once more, this normally faces the front of your controller.

You shouldn’t have to exert any force to get the cable plugged in to charge. Therefore, if you experience a lot of resistance, try flipping the cable over and plugging it in the opposite direction. It could be difficult to use the controller if the port is damaged as a result of forcing it.

What Justifies DJI’s Action?

Why DJI chose to design the Mavic Mini controller in this manner is not entirely clear. One port that essentially performs two tasks makes sense, but it is not user-friendly for users. Furthermore, it is far more difficult than it needs to be due to DJI’s lack of guidance.

Since DJI has actually stopped producing the Mavic Mini, hopefully this won’t be a problem in any upcoming drone models. However, at least you are aware of what you are looking for now.

How To Connect The Micro-USB Port To The Square OTG Port?

How do you connect a micro USB cable when the USB OTG port is rectangular and the cable is not? As far as I can recall, the Micro USB Cable’s longer end should point toward the back of your controller. If you connect the micro USB cable differently, you risk damaging it.

The drone should be flown using an OTG cable. Your phone and remote control must exchange data and communicate with one another. The devices can switch between host and device with USB OTG. Additionally, it increases the amount of data that can be transferred between your phone and RC. OTG USB can also be powered. My suspicion is that they needed this cable because the DJI GO 4 app allows you to charge your phone using the USB port on the remote control. Your device and RC can communicate with one another thanks to the OTG cable.

Why not provide the remote with a dedicated Micro USB port, or even better, a USB-C port? It’s possible that DJI is keeping an eye on things and will offer a quick fix for charging the remote safely. We require instructions on how to connect the Micro USB cable to the OTG port.

How To Stop Mavic Mini Controller From Charging Phone?

There is no way to prevent the controller from charging your smartphone unless you root it, which is not advised.

The android device used as your drone controller can easily have its battery consumption reduced. Verify that it is fully charged prior to taking off. In contrast to flying with partially charged devices, the DJI Mini control will still allow you to charge your tablet or smartphone. If your Mavic’s battery is dead, you can still operate it without a smartphone.

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Can The Mavic Mini Controller Be Overcharged?

You don’t need to be concerned about overcharging your remote controller because it has a hold mode to prevent overcharging the device once the batteries are fully charged.

How Do I Turn The Mavic Controller On?

Simply press the power button on the Mavic Mini controller once, then immediately hold down the power button again until all of the led lights turn on. As soon as the controller is turned on, a sound will also emanate from it.

How Can I Unplug My Mavic Controller?

Simply press and hold the power button twice to turn off the Mavic Mini controller’s led lights. In essence, in the same manner that you did previously. Once the remote has shut off, you will hear a sound from it once more.

What is the Charging Time for the Mavic Mini Controller?

To charge the battery, attach the remote control’s USB-C power connector to a USB power source. It takes less than 2 hours to charge the remote control completely. A remote control’s battery can last up to 2.5 hours at its maximum capacity.

Is Charging Mavic Mini Controllers Necessary?

The remote control can be fully charged in under 2 hours, regardless of the charging method you select. Using the supplied charger and HTML0-C cable, you can charge the DJI Smart Controller. On your computer or with an external battery, you can recharge the DJI Smart Controller.

How to Charge DJI Mini SE Controller?

Remove the USB cable, connect the remote controller and charger with the Micro USB cable and the remote controller will start charging.

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How to Charge Mavic Mini 2 Controller?

Almost all DJI controllers get fully charged approximately in 2–3 hours. These controllers are charged at less than 1 Amp, in contrast to the DJI batteries, which receive a charge at a current of 5–8 Amps.

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How Long Does It Take to Charge a DJI Mini Controller?

Almost all DJI controllers get fully charged approximately in 2–3 hours. These controllers are charged at less than 1 Amp, in contrast to the DJI batteries, which receive a charge at a current of 5–8 Amps.

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Can You Charge DJI Controller With Phone?

The fact that a DJI controller uses an OTG-style cable to charge the phone is not a big deal to me.


After reading this post, you should soon be able to launch your drone and charge your remote control, I hope!

If you need a great charger recommendation, this one is a great option. It quickly charged my Mavic Pro controller and provided me with a crystal-clear indication of the battery’s level. Even on trips when I needed a backup charger, I brought it along. It is a small, reliable charger that performs all the tasks it is supposed to. Want to learn more about DJI? Read our post on DJI Mini 2 Vs Mavic Mini.

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