DJI Mavic Air Won’t Turn On: 6 Reasons & Fixes

DJI Mavic Air Won’t Turn On: 6 Reasons & Fixes

In today’s post, we are going to troubleshoot a common problem: DJI Mavic air won’t turn on. There could be a number of causes, from motherboard issues to charging issues.

Although there are several reasons for your Mavic Air to not turn on, the most common reason is a dead or uncharged battery.

Before contacting DJI support, use this article’s thorough troubleshooting guide to find the issue and possibly solve it.

Why the DJI Mavic Air Won’t Turn On?

When the battery management system has shut down, batteries have gone into hibernation, or it is cold outside, the DJI Mavic Air won’t turn on. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with DJI Drones, it is important to make sure that you are correctly turning on the Mavic Air. You might be approaching it incorrectly.

Reason 1: You Are Not Turning It on Correctly

If you’ve never used your DJI Mavic Air before, there’s a good chance that you’re not turning the drone on properly.

In contrast to other electronics, which require a long press of the power button to turn them ON, DJI drones require a slightly different procedure.

To turn your Mavic Air on, press the power button once and then press & hold it again for a few seconds till you see the lights come on.

Reason 2: Battery Hibernation.

The Mavic Air aircraft’s battery would enter a state of hibernation if it were left or stored for an extended period of time in order to prevent a full power discharge. After that, the battery would continue to sleep and cease to operate normally, and the Mavic Air wouldn’t turn on until you awoke it from sleep.

Reason 3: BMS (Battery Management System) Shutdown.

Battery management would raise the PF flag (Power failure) and turn off the battery if it sensed a power outage. The battery has now completely shut down, so the Mavic Air won’t turn on after that.

Reason 4: Charging the Battery Too Soon After a Flight

Following use, it gets hot due to joule heating, just like with all electronic devices. Therefore, it would get even hotter if you tried to charge the battery. Therefore, it is likely that the intelligent battery would temporarily stop functioning in order to protect the battery.

DJI Mavic Air Won't Turn On

So if you’re trying to charge it after just landing, take out the battery and put it somewhere safe with good airflows, like a table or shelf. Wait about 30 minutes until the battery reaches 65F/20C or feels cool to the touch. It is now secure to connect it to the charger.

Reason 5: It’s Too Cold for the Battery to Work

In my research, I discovered that many Mavic air pilots who live in icy climates or during the winter months are unable to activate their drones. I pondered and looked for the cause as a result. In reality, the battery will completely stop functioning when the temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius.

Reason 6: Battery Issues

The majority of the time, you will need to replace the battery if it has problems because those batteries can harm the drone. For instance, a ballooned battery inside the drone may explode.

Damaged Pins

There are a number of metallic contacts between the drone and the battery that are necessary for connecting the battery to the drone and powering it. Due to their frequent use, those pins are easily susceptible to becoming bent.

The best course of action is to purchase a new battery if the DJI battery pins appear to be particularly damaged. Make sure you purchase a new battery from a dependable retailer or DJI directly.

Bad Battery Cell

The safer course of action is to stop using the DJI Intelligent battery if you notice any damage rather than risking the entire DJI Mavic Air. That has also been taken into account by DJI when developing DJI drone battery tips. Swollen batteries are a nightmare, as I previously stated. Since you never know when it will blow up and harm the drone, Make a safe disposal decision right away if your battery has swollen.

Battery Terminals Are Misaligned

This has been reported by many users as one of the reasons their drone won’t turn on after a crash – the battery terminals get misaligned and won’t make contact.

On the assembly line or during rough shipment, this may also occur.

To eliminate this as a reason for your issue, closely inspect the battery terminals and the drone compartment terminals and make sure everything seems perfectly aligned.

If you find any twisted terminal or misalignment, you have to fix it yourself (if you are a DIY person) or get help from a professional repair shop.

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How to Fix DJI Mavic Air Won’t Turn On?

Here is a step by step guide to fix DJI Mavic air won’t turn on.

Step 1: Turn on the Mavic Air Properly.

Press the power button twice while holding it down to turn on the Mavic Air. The battery charge level is displayed at the first press, and the drone is powered on at the second press and hold.

Step 2: Make Sure the Battery is in the Proper Temperature Range.

A narrow temperature range, usually between 5°C and 40°C, is where intelligent batteries frequently perform best.

  • Leave the Mavic Pro battery in a safe location with adequate airflow if it becomes too warm. Allow your room to warm up for about 30 minutes.
  • Use a heated lipo battery bag to store the battery if you are in a cold climate or during the winter. The Mavic Pro battery can be warmed to the correct temperature if it is too cold by being kept inside your jacket for a short while.

Step 3: Clean Battery Pins and Aircraft Connectors.

  • Examine the slots after taking the battery out. Brush the battery connector ports gently, then use a clean cloth to wipe the battery. Clean the battery connectors on the Mavic Air as well.
  • To see if you can revive the metallic finish on the contacts, you can clean off the corrosion with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol.

Step 4: Wake the Mavic Air Battery from Hibernation.

Connect the Mavic Air battery to the charger and wait a few hours to allow it to come out of hibernation.

Then it would emerge from its dormancy and be charged.

Step 5: Clear PF Flags from Mavic Air’s BMS (Battery Management System).

  • The PC must be downloaded and installed with the DJI battery killer program.
  • Examine the pins on the CP2112 interface adapter that you are using. You would see seven input pins with the names VCC, GND, SDA, SCL, WAK, INT, and RST. We only need to use the GND, SDA, and SCL pins from them.
  • Three Dupont line cables should be used, and the female ends should be connected to GND, SDA, and SCL.
  • Following that, attach their Male ports to the appropriate battery pins. Below are the GND, SDA, and SCL pins for the DJI Mavic Air battery.
  • Following that, utilize a USB cable to link the CP2112 adapter to the PC.
  • Launch the DJI battery killer program on your computer.
  • Then click on “Connect”.
  • Then click on “Read Info”.
  • Then click on “Unseal” and “Unseal 2”.
  • After that click on “Clear PF” and “Clear PF2”. The battery would start blinking and the PF flags would be clear, indicating that the problem has been resolved.
  • Click “Exit” and close the application. Unplug the battery, give it a full charge, and then use it.

Step 6: Check Your Battery for Damage and Replace If Necessary

The most serious and significant cause of Mavic Air not turning on is, as previously mentioned, battery problems. You need to stop using the battery right away if you recently crashed the drone and you notice any visual swelling, leaking, bent terminals, or other damage. A battery should typically be replaced after 200 charging cycles, according to DJI’s advice to pilots.

Contact DJI Support

It’s probably time to call the experts if you’ve tried all the troubleshooting techniques and your Mavic Air still won’t turn on.

Check to see if your issue is covered by DJI Care Refresh if you have it. Contact DJI support on their website (direct link)

You can also send your drone via registered mail for repairs if you live in an area where DJI support is not available.

Final Words: DJI Mavic Air Won’t Turn On

DJI products are quite reliable and robust but at times, they can malfunction. Before sending your Mavic Air in for repairs or replacement if it won’t start, it’s a good idea to check the simple things.

This guide offers a thorough troubleshooting procedure that you can use to identify and address the most frequent root causes of your issue. If you follow it, your drone will typically turn on.

But if you’re still having trouble turning it on, you can always get assistance from DJI support.

Happy flying.

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How Do I Reset My Mavic Air?

  1. Select your drone from the Connected Devices list in the DJI Assistant 2 app.
  2. Click Restore Factory Defaults beneath the Firmware List.
  3. For the factory reset to begin, click Confirm.
  4. Click Complete.

How Do I Turn on My DJI Mavic Air?

Press the power button in the center of the drone’s top, near the battery, to turn on your Mavic Air 2 or Air 2S. The first press will display the battery charge level, and the second press and hold will turn on the drone.

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