How Long Is Mavic Air 2S Battery? Everything You Need to Know

How Long Is Mavic Air 2S Battery? Everything You Need to Know

People often ask: how long is mavic air 2s battery last? The DJI Mavic Air 2S battery will provide 31 minutes of flight time in no wind, per the manufacturer’s specifications. The actual flight time can, however, differ significantly. Let’s examine the Mavic Air 2’s flight time in more detail.

Mavic Air 2S is a fantastic consumer drone in the DJI lineup.

The battery life you should anticipate in practical situations, the variables that may affect it, and other useful information are all covered in the article until the end.

Mavic Air 2S Battery Specifications

The DJI-exclusive Intelligent Flight Battery system is utilized by the Mavic Air 2S. It is essentially a battery system that is integrated with a smart battery management system inside the battery pack.

The Mavic Air 2S Intelligent Flight Battery utilizes the most recent Li-Po cells, which cost a lot of money but have a high energy density. As a result, you get high capacity per unit weight.

A built-in intelligent battery management system (BMS) controls how the battery is charged and discharged to prevent cell damage.

The BMS also makes sure the battery enters hibernation during prolonged storage periods. Some Mavic Air batteries won’t charge right away after unpacking for this reason.

Mavic Air 2S Battery

The drone’s drone and the battery’s safe operation are both supported by the Intelligent BMS. In real time, it keeps track of the battery’s condition and updates the IMU.

Accurate calculations of the battery’s remaining flight time and stable energy distribution are both aided by it.

How Long Is Mavic Air 2S Battery Last?

DJI drones come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of features, so their batteries don’t run as long on a single charge. On the other hand, most DJI batteries have a long lifespan and can typically withstand a similar number of charge cycles.

How long will it take for you to need to ground your drone and recharge the battery after you’ve fully charged your Air 2S? For the Air 2S, the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery guarantees 31 minutes of flight time. 

34 minutes would be possible if you combined the Mavic Air 2 original with this Intelligent Flight Battery. However, a three-minute difference is not something to quibble over. 

You may also be wondering what the “true value” is for most pilots. And to be honest, the actual times are almost always less than what is advertised; the reasons for this are challenging flying conditions and more battery-intensive flying techniques.

You can anticipate a maximum flying time of just 22 to 24 minutes from your Air 2S battery, based on my experience.

The Air 2S’s shorter flight duration than the Mavic Air 2 is one intriguing finding. In particular, their specification sheets show a 3-minute difference in their maximum times.

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Factors That Affect The Battery Life Of Mavic Air 2S

We list some factors below that may affect you DJI’s battery life.


Your Mavic Air 2S’s potential battery life may be shortened if you fly against the wind. 

In order to overcome the air resistance, the drone will have to work harder, which will result in a faster battery drain. Consequently, battery life will be impacted.

The battery isn’t supplying enough power to the flight controller.

The maximum flight time and hovering time for the Air 2S are both highlighted on the official DJI website at about 31 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively. They do, however, mention “no wind” for both.”

However, it’s not always possible to fly drones in a calmer environment. As a result, you must logically have lower expectations given the wide range of actual flight conditions.

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This is a very intriguing factor, to be sure. The duration of a flight may also be impacted by atmospheric humidity.

In actuality, a water molecule is lighter than an oxygen or nitrogen molecule. 

Since they are heavier than water molecules, nitrogen and oxygen make up the majority of the molecules in dry air.

Thus, the heavier molecules are switched out for the lighter ones when we add water molecules to the air to make it moist. Hence, moist air becomes lighter than dry air at the same temperature and pressure.

The amount of water vapor in the air is what determines humidity. It turns out that in humid environments, the drone’s propellers lose some of their lift-related efficiency. 

A shorter flight time results from the motor’s propensity to work harder and further tax the battery.

Drone Weight

Drone weight is yet another element. The more power required to keep the drone in the air and move it around, the heavier the drone would be.

Additionally, if you add a payload, be prepared for a shorter battery life. In short, the more load there is, the more power will be used, and as a result, the battery will discharge more quickly.


Your Mavic Air 2S flight time may be impacted by altitude. This is due to the fact that air pressure decreases with elevation.

It gets harder for the drone propellers to produce enough lift as the air pressure drops. Consequently, the battery is strained, and its power is diminished.

How Long Do DJI Air 2S Batteries Take To Charge?

People are wondering about DJI air 2s battery charge time. Your 31 minutes flew by because using your Air 2S for photography and videography was so much fun. The Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery should now be charged. How much time will this take?

According to DJI, the Air 2S’s battery will be fully charged in an hour and 40 minutes if you provide the proper conditions for the battery. Even though it seems like a long time, the Air 2S only requires one battery, so the wait time is under two hours.

It is true that this downtime can be problematic if you are a professional drone photographer, videographer, or surveyor. But for drone enthusiasts, a two-hour break won’t stop you from purchasing the DJI Air 2S. 

 DJI Mavic Air 2S

You can purchase an additional battery or two if you absolutely must take off and fly again before the 1 hour 40 minute wait is up. In fact, if you purchase the Fly More Combo, you receive 2 additional batteries, making a total of 3. Alternately, you can purchase extra batteries separately. 

How to Charge DJI Air 2S Battery?

It’s time to charge your Air 2S battery now that it’s free. How exactly do you go about doing that? Here are the steps to take, as described in the DJI Air 2S owner’s manual.

First, you must use the AC power adapter that comes with your Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery. Connect that right away to an AC power source with a frequency of 50 to 60 hertz or a voltage range of 100 to 240 volts. 

Step 2: If you purchased your DJI Air 2S brand-new, you should already have a battery charging cable. Connect the cable to your AC power adapter, the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery, and finally. When you do this, the battery ought to be off.

Step 3: Examine the LED lights on the Intelligent Flight Battery Management System to determine how much power is left in your batteries. In the section after this, we’ll go into more detail about these LED indicators.

Step 4: Permit the battery to recharge completely before turning it back on. The charger can then be unplugged after the battery has been taken out. 

Reinstall the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery in your Air 2S in step 5. To do this, pry open the battery compartment and firmly insert the battery. If the battery shakes, push it back into place until it is firmly in place. A clicking noise will be audible. 

When charging the Air 2S battery, DJI advises the following:

  • Make sure the battery is discharged to at least 30% before transferring it to the charging port. In other words, wait until the battery is that low before recharging.
  • Take a temperature. Remember that the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery has temperature protection, so the battery will stop charging if the temperature falls below 40 degrees or rises above 104 degrees.
  • Prior to charging, allow the Intelligent Flight Battery to cool down a bit. You shouldn’t charge the battery right away after using your Air 2S, according to DJI. It is best to charge a battery that is at room temperature. 

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Are Mavic Air 2 And 2S Batteries Interchangeable?

Interestingly, the Mavic Air 2S uses the exact same battery as you can find in the Mavic Air 2. Because of this, the upgrade feels a little shoddy.

You can use the older batteries from the Mavic Air 2 for prolonged flight times if you’re upgrading from that model.

However, if you look at the specification sheet for both drones, you’ll see that the older Air 2 has a listed flight time of 34 minutes as opposed to 31 minutes for the newer Air 2S.

Although the difference is subtle and unnoticeable in the real world, it begs the question – why is the flight time different if the batteries are the same?

Really, the answer is quite straightforward. The older Mavic Air 2 was a little bit lighter than the more recent model. Mavic Air 2S weighs 595 grams as opposed to the Air 2’s 570-gram weight.

With the same battery, the flight time is impacted by this slight difference in takeoff weight.

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Why Doesn’t Your Mavic Air 2S Battery Last Longer?

Everything is fine if the Mavic Air 2S battery lasts for at least 20 to 25 minutes, as that is the typical duration under real-world circumstances. But what if, let’s say, your battery life is only about 10 minutes? Let’s take care of it because that might be a problem.

You may need to take into account the following if your Mavic Air 2S battery does not last longer:

Not Operating In The Right Way

Are the Mavic Air 2S being used in the proper mode? and with appropriate settings? 

Generally speaking, the battery tends to deplete quicker when you fly a DJI drone in Sports mode. The drone is more responsive to stick controls when in sport mode. 

When compared to other standard flight modes, you can significantly change the flight direction with just a small movement of the stick controls. 

Additionally, your drone will move more quickly. Additionally, because the motors in this mode operate at higher rotations and without any speed limiters, the battery will run out of power more quickly. 

Therefore, you must verify that you are using your Mavic Air 2S in the proper mode.

Please note that the DJI Air 2S uses a Lithium-ion battery. And lithium-ion batteries are known to self-discharge when you keep them in an inactive condition to protect the battery’s health. (Battery damage may result from storage at full charge).

On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to allow the charge levels to drop too low. 

Now, in the Mavic 2 Intelligent flight battery, the auto-discharge is automatically stopped when the battery discharge level becomes too low while it’s inactive.

But still, when you fully charge the battery and then let it sit, you are not using a battery in a fully charged state by the time you use it for the flight. So usually, charging the battery just before flying is recommended to ensure you are using a fully charged battery.

For estimating the battery life of the Mavic air 2S, you may also need to take wind, weight, humidity, and altitude into account.

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Problems With The Battery

Your battery could be the problem if all the settings and modes are set perfectly, and you are running everything properly but you still face issues.

It’s possible that the battery you received is defective and has a short life span and poor charge retention. You should consider this point, especially when you get a new battery and still suffer from low battery life.

Contact DJI support and ask for assistance with the problem. 

It’s Time To Upgrade

The situation might be the opposite if your battery is quite old and you need to replace it.

If its time to replace your battery, you can purchase one here on Amazon


What Is The Lifetime Of The Mavic Air 2S Battery?

The DJI Air 2S runs on lithium-ion batteries. And just like any other battery, lithium-ion batteries eventually lose some of their capacity.
The Mavic 2 Batteries typically last for 200 charge cycles. Since the Mavic Air 2S uses the same battery as the Mavic Air 2, we can assume that the Mavic Air 2S battery will last the same amount of time.
You can only charge and discharge the battery 200 times, as indicated by the 200 charge cycle limit. The battery won’t be able to maintain the charge after that.

How Long Can the DJI Air 2S Fly?

If you want to find your drone, you can fly for 15 minutes in one direction on a battery that will last for a total of 30 minutes, then turn around and fly for 15 minutes to get home. Math time. The max distance the Air 2S can fly is 7.5 miles or 39,600 feet.

Can DJI Air 2S Fly at Night?

Since the DJI Air 2S has navigational lights and can be outfitted with a strobe kit, you can safely fly the drone at night. You need your Part 107 license if you fly commercial drones. Drone pilots who fly for business or pleasure must successfully complete free night flying training.

Can I Fly DJI Air 2S Without License?

Any drone that you want to use for recreational purposes can be flown without a permit! But this doesn’t imply that you are excused from abiding by the FAA’s regulations. All of the regulations outlined in Part 107 are in place to guarantee the security of every aircraft in the airspace.

Can DJI Air 2S Be Tracked?

For the most part, DJI’s technology does a good job with tracking. In fact, the Mavic Air 2S tracks more quickly than the original Mavic Air 2.

Final Thoughts on Mavic Air 2S Battery

In conclusion, if you fly in perfect windless conditions and the temperature is nominal, your Mavic Air 2S battery can last up to 31 minutes on a single charge.

However, you can anticipate a flight time of 20 to 25 minutes if there is wind and/or the temperature and humidity levels are extreme.

If you use your Intelligent Flight battery correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it can last up to 200 flight cycles or even longer.

I sincerely hope you found this brief article to be educational and useful. Post your inquiries below, and I will respond. If you want to learn more about DJI drones, read our posts below:

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