18 Best Drones Under $200: A Guide For Buyers

18 Best Drones Under $200: A Guide For Buyers

Looking for the best drone for under $200?

Unfortunately, a lot of subpar drones in this price range flood the market, and if you’re not careful, you might get ripped off by an “Ali-Express Special.”

We’re identifying the top 18 best drones under $200 list that are currently available on the market in 2022 because, fortunately for you, there are some diamonds hidden in the rough.

Depending on their needs and budget, we have listed the drones in the table below that we would suggest to our friends and family.

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Best Under $200 Drones For 2022

SANROCK U52 Drone With 1080p HD Camera – Top Pick

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller
  • Flight Time: 13 minutes 
  • Range: 330 feet (100 m)
  • Video camera pixel density: 1080p
  • Features: Foldable, 3-axis gimbal, GPS, High-quality camera

In terms of the drone with the best camera, the SANROCK U52 is our top pick. Beautiful images are available from the 1080p HD camera. 

With the help of hand gestures and the Gesture Photo, the controller can quickly take photos and videos. The drone also has a 3-axis anti-shake gimbal, which stabilizes the images and video by removing all external vibrations. Amazingly clear and vivid images are produced by combining all these elements.

5G Wi-Fi transmits the video and images in real time up to 500 meters in the air. To prevent loss or damage, it has GPS positioning and switches back to home mode. Its 1000 meter range and 30-minute battery life give you more time to take pictures and videos.

It is simple to control and perfect for beginners thanks to the one-key start and landing button. Additionally, a Micro SD card is included with the drone so you can save the video. It also has a two-speed switch that lets you choose the best speed for beginners and young children. 

Potensic Upgraded A20- Best Drone For Kids

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller
  • Flight Time: 18 minutes (3 batteries at 6 minutes each)
  • Range: 330 feet (100 m)
  • Resolution of the camera (video) n/a
  • Features: Headless mode, altitude hold, low power alarm
Potensic Upgraded A20

It’s a good idea to start flying with the Potensic upgraded A20 mini drone. It is particularly helpful for children learning to fly. Additionally, there are three flight speeds. This allows the learner to start out very slowly. As a result of its small size, this drone can only be used outside when the wind is completely still.

The plants and furniture should be safe because the four rotors are entirely shrouded. The rotors will sustain damage less frequently, as well.

The flying time is quite good for this price. Each battery has a surprisingly short lifespan. However, the Potensic ships with three batteries by default. Since it will primarily be used indoors, the limited range shouldn’t be a problem. A trip to the movies with the family will cost less than the Potensic A20 drone. It’s a reasonably priced drone and a fantastic way to test the drone flying waters.

Holy Stone HS110G – Best Drone For Beginners

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 26 minutes (2 batteries at 13’ each)
  • Range: 980 feet (300 m)
  • Video camera resolution: 1080p
  • Features: GPS, beginner mode, follow me mode, memory card storage
Holy Stone HS110G

Two distinct follow-me modes are available for the Holy Stone HS110G. If you’re riding or running a trail, you can configure it to follow you as you move. Alternatively, you can program the drone to hover while the camera follows you. If you were in a skatepark, this situation would be ideal. As you grind and ollie your way around the park, the drone’s camera will follow you if you keep it in the middle of the area.

The GPS function allows you to program the drone to follow a specific path on a map. The drone can return home with accuracy thanks to the GPS, and it will do so as soon as its battery runs out. A great selection of features are available in the HS110G, a drone that is simple to fly. As you gain confidence, you can fly more easily in beginner mode before using your full capabilities. This means that if the bug bites you, you don’t need to upgrade to a better drone.

Holy Stone Mini Drone – Best Drone For Younger Consumer

  • Control: Remote controller
  • Flight Time: 21 minutes (3 batteries at 7 minutes each)
  • Range: 165 feet (50 m)
  • Video camera pixel density: n/a
  • Features: Low battery warning, altitude hold, headless mode, and throw to launch.
Holy Stone Mini Drone

As this review of the top drones under $200 continues, you’ll become more familiar with the Holy Stone brand. Comparing this to the Potensic A20, there isn’t much to pick between them. Both cater to younger customers. The user-friendly controls and vibrant colors make this clear. The rotors on both of them are completely shrouded. This guard against damage to furniture and fingers.

You won’t get to fly this drone outside very often, either. The smallest breeze will make it impossible to control because it weighs less than an ounce (0.77 oz/21.8 g).

But with its pre-programmed 3D flips, there’s plenty of entertainment to be had indoors. Additionally, the novice pilot benefits from three different speed modes. There won’t be much downtime either, thanks to the two chargers and three batteries.

Zuhafa JY02 – Best Foldable Drone

  • Control: Remote controller or via phone app
  • Flight Time: 40 minutes
  • Range: 330 feet (100 m)
  • (Video) Camera Resolution 1080p
  • Features: Headless mode, 3D flips, foldable, altitude hold
Zuhafa JY02

This is the first camera drone under $200 in this review. Amazingly, for this price, a drone can be equipped with a 1080p video camera. The video is transmitted back to your phone but there is no removable onboard storage for it. On the remote controller, that phone can be placed easily. Here, it receives the drone’s real-time FPV video.

You could also use your phone as a controller. Route mapping is something it doesn’t have, but given the price, that’s not surprising. But you can climb into the air for a 40-minute flight and record video. It comes with a carrying case and is easily portable thanks to its folding design. All for a laughably low cost.

It’s also a good first drone because there are three speeds that can be selected. The propellers are shielded by plastic bumpers. They aren’t completely shrouded, though, so they will be more susceptible to harm. even more so if you fly up into something. This drone is one of the best camera drones under $100 given its price.

Syma X600W – Best Price Drone

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 24 minutes (2 batteries at 12 minutes each)
  • Range: 100 feet (30 m)
  • (Video) Camera Resolution 1080p
  • Features: FPV live to your phone, 3D flips, altitude hold, headless mode, flight path mode
Syma X600W

Another collapsible drone is this Syma X600 W. It resembles the Zuhafa in terms of features. It can only be controlled by remote. Alternatively, you can connect your phone and use the onboard camera with full FPV.

There are two speeds and a headless mode. The main advancement over the camera drones we’ve seen so far is the flight path mode. With this, you can draw a path on your phone’s screen that the drone will then follow. If you want to appear in the video, this is great. This indicates that while making a video, you are not fixating intently on your phone.

The drone has an effective hovering system. This produces better video footage. If you want a stable hover for your aerial photos, you don’t need to make any small adjustments.

For the Syma X600W, a single crucial takeoff and landing completes the picture. It’s a capable drone with many features packed into one that costs comfortably under $100.

DEERC D10 – Best Camera Drone

  • Control: 5 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 24 minutes
  • Range: 330 feet (100 m)
  • Video camera resolution: 1080P
  • Features: Flight path mode, gesture and voice control, 5 GHz controller

Voice and gesture control are new features added to the DEERC D10 feature set. By using your arms to form a “V” shape, for example, the drone will begin recording thanks to gesture control. It is obvious what voice control is.

In addition, the D10 offers one-key takeoff and landing and a flight path mode. It is suitable for both the more experienced pilot and the nervous new pilot thanks to the three speeds. The drone can be folded up for simple transportation. It has a standalone remote control, but it can also be used with a phone. This arrangement is adaptable. It’s ideal if you prefer joystick controls but want an FPV view on your phone.

The D10, the last of the camera drones priced under $100, has many positive features. This is a strong contender for the best camera drone due to the camera quality, ease of use, and practical control features.

Holy Stone HS440 – Best Mid-range Drone

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 40 minutes (2 batteries at 20’ each)
  • Range: 330 feet (100 m)
  • Video camera resolution: 1080p on TF card, 780p on phone
  • Features: Gravity control, headless mode, adjustable camera
Holy Stone HS440

A few incredibly helpful extra features are provided by the Holy Stone HS440 to the user. By swiveling your phone, you can control the drone thanks to gravity control. Some people find it easier to fly and more intuitive. This is a helpful addition, and it still has a standalone remote controller and other more traditional controls.

For a camera drone at this price, the in-flight control of the camera angle is quite amazing. The vertical direction of the camera can be rotated by up to 90 degrees using the remote. A lot of flexibility is added by this important feature.

The addition of flightpath control, voice control, and gesture control brings everything up to date. The removable TF memory card can also be used to store images and videos. For a drone at this cost, it has a great selection of features. This is a desirable option for the best camera drone because it comes from a reputable manufacturer.

Potensic D80 – Best User-friendly Drone

  • Control: 5 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 20 mins
  • Range: 2600 Ft (800 -1000 m)
  • (Video) Camera Resolution 2k
  • Features: Follow Me Mode, WayPoint, GPS, and Point of Interest.
Potensic D80

The Potensic D80 packs a 2K camera, 5G built-in GPS and WiFi transmission system. It also has intelligent flight modes like Point of Interest and Follow Me Mode.

The Potensic D80 can fly up to 20 minutes with a max speed of 25 mph (40 kph). The control range is also the longest in our review list, it can reach up to 2600 ft (1000 m).

It has built-in DUAL GPS, which makes it possible for the drone to fly more steadily and carry out more accurate auto RTH (Return-to-Home) operations when the battery runs out of power, the signal is weak, or the drone is out of range. It’s very simple for beginners to begin flying without immediately crashing.

This drone is also very user-friendly and enjoyable to fly; it has features like Follow Me, Way Point, and Point of Interest Mode that will simplify control and flying, especially for beginners.

  • Follow Me Mode: Anywhere you go, the drone can automatically follow you.
  • WayPoint: allows you to plot your flight path on the app’s map by connecting the dots.
  • Point of Interest: gives the drone the ability to automatically fly around an object.

Contixo F22 – Best Functional Drone

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 40 minutes (2 batteries at 20 minutes each)
  • Range: 1800 feet (550 m)
  • Resolution of the camera (video) 1080p
  • Features: GPS, follow me, and headless mode are some of the features.
Contixo F22

The Holy Stone HS440 and the Contixo F22 share a lot of features. Along with the other features we’ve come to expect from drones at this price, it has a remotely adjustable camera, 1080p recording, and other features.

However, GPS functionality is also added. You aren’t forced to draw within the drone’s field of view when laying out a flight path on the app. A map of the immediate area can be downloaded to the app, and this is where you can draw the flight path. GPS can also be used in follow-me mode, which keeps the drone a predetermined distance from the GPS location of your phone.

Despite being simple to fly, these additional features necessitate some setup. It is necessary to download maps and calibrate the compass. Nevertheless, this drone is incredibly affordable and has a long range. Additionally, you can use the one-button automatic return home feature if you’re concerned that it will vanish over the horizon.

DBPOWER FPV 720P – Best Drone For Family

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 9 minutes
  • Range: 100 m
  • Video camera resolution: 720p
  • Features: Headless Mode, Altitude Hode, Two-speed Mode, One-Key Takeoff and Landing 

Individuals or families purchased this drone. They remarked that it’s incredibly simple to use, even for beginners with no prior drone flying experience. Beginners claim that they can fly it in low-speed mode, and that the one-key takeoff and landing are very helpful. The flight was smoother with headless mode on as well.

Users added that flying is enjoyable and that for the price, you can get good videos.

Customer service was another feature that was well-liked; in the event of a problem, assistance is always available right away.

Users and I both dislike the brief flight duration as something. The maximum flight time per charge is under 10 minutes. Even though it comes with two batteries, you must return the drone before replacing one.

Larvender KF102 – Best GPS Drone

  • Control: 5 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 50 minutes (2 batteries at 25 minutes each)
  • Range: 2624 feet (800 m)
  • (Video) Camera Resolution 1080p
  • Features: SD card, GPS, follow-me mode, brushless motors
Larvender KF102

The Larvender KF102 is a camera drone that has a ton of features. The 5 GHz remote control transmitter deserves special mention for its impressive range. The drone camera sends images to your phone in addition to recording to the onboard SD card. The drone can be operated without a phone because the remote operates on its own. The phone does have follow-me and other features like GPS map route planning.

Though some users have complained about the motors, brushless motors should have a long lifespan. The camera is stabilized using a 3-axis gimbal. The drone can also automatically return to you when you ask it to, as well as in cases where the battery is running low, thanks to the GPS.

Holy Stone HS175D – Best Feature-rich Drone

  • Control: 5 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 46 minutes (2 batteries at 23 minutes each)
  • Range: 1640 feet (500 m)
  • Video camera resolution: 4K
  • Features: Brushless motors, 4K video, headless and follow-me modes, VR mode
Holy Stone HS175D

We have now arrived at a real 4K video drone. A drone that is jam-packed with features is the Holy Stone HS175D. A camera that can be remotely turned up or down by up to 90 degrees produced that 4K video. Altitude stability is improved by an optical flow lens. This assists the drone in determining the distance to the ground.

There are three modes for returning home. You can summon it back to you with the first. When the battery is running low, the second starts a return. If the drone loses contact with the transmitter, the third happens automatically. This means that your drone won’t just keep flying forever if it leaves the range of its transmission. Instead, it will return home. After the drone re-establishes connection, you can continue your flight.

Undoubtedly, this drone has many features. In order to prevent video loss due to transmission interference, record to the onboard memory card. The HS175D is one of the top camera drones under $200 thanks in large part to the camera quality.

Airoka Beast SG907 Max – Best Downward-facing Camera

  • Control: 5 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 25 minutes
  • Range: 4000 feet (1200 m)
  • (Video) Camera Resolution 4K
  • Features: Two cameras, adjustable camera, GPS, brushless motors, 3-axis gimbal
Airoka Beast SG907 Max

Even though you may not be familiar with Airoka, they have crammed a ton of features into this camera drone. The front-mounted camera produces true 4K video. With the remote, you can tilt this camera 110, 90, or 60 degrees. For added coverage, there is a camera that faces downward.

It accomplishes all of this while maintaining the feature set we have grown accustomed to. Utilizing the follow-me mode on the GPS, you can go back home. This is beneficial because the drone may be invisible to you at its maximum range of about 3/4 mile (1200 m), which is quite possible.

A 3-axis gimbal stabilizes the primary front camera. The camera is pointing downward and has 720p video resolution. The remote can operate the drone by itself. However, using FPV and planning a route both require a smartphone.

Given that there is only one battery, the flying time is disappointing. The Beast SG907 MAX does have a lot of other advantages though.

Aovo W Drone – Best Drone For High-specification Image

  • Control: 5 GHz Remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 60 minutes (2 batteries at 30 minutes each)
  • Range: 3280 feet (1000 m)
  • Resolution of the camera (video) 4K
  • Features: GPS, brushless motors, follow-me, and return home modes
Aovo W Drone

Many readers are probably unfamiliar with Aovo as well. However, this camera drone has high-end specifications. The footage shot by the 4K camera can be saved on memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. While filming, you can still use the app to take pictures. You can rotate the camera on the gimbal by up to 90 degrees using the remote controller.

The drone will return home upon request, and you can choose a VR view to use with a VR headset. It will automatically go back home if the battery is low. It accomplishes this in advance-planned steps to guarantee it reaches a safe altitude. The drone can gather travel data thanks to GPS. It also means that you can use the follow-me mode and plan a route on the map. It’s a remarkable assortment of features for a drone that costs under $200.

Potensic T25 – Best High-quality Drone

  • Control: 2.4 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 40 minutes (2 batteries at 20 minutes each)
  • Range: 980 feet (300 m)
  • Video camera resolution: 4K
  • Features: Aluminum body, GPS, follow-me mode, adjustable camera.
Potensic T25

The Potensic T25’s aluminum body gives it a higher perceived quality than drones made entirely of plastic. A few slightly less expensive drones have a feature set that is unquestionably superior to this one. But Potensic has a solid reputation for friendly customer service and is a well-known brand. Voice control and gesture control are both possible with most of the drones under $200 in this review.

The T25 is well-equipped. For emergencies, voluntarily, or when the battery is low, it has a return-to-home feature. Anyone can use this because it has three speeds, from a beginner to a more experienced flyer. In comparison to some other drones in this review, the range is not as wide. Only you know how important this is to you. However, it does seem a bit on the small side.

Holy Stone HS510 4K – Best Video Drone

  • Control: 2.4 GHz Remote controller and 5G phone app
  • Flight Time: 32 minutes (2 batteries at 16 minutes each)
  • Range: 1968 feet (600 m)
  • Video camera pixel density: 4K
  • Features: Brushless motors, compact folding design, status display screen on the remote controller
Holy Stone HS510 4K

The Holy Stone HS510 provides you with full 4K video in addition to all the other features you would expect. The camera attached to the gimbal can be rotated up to 90 degrees. In case of low power or signal loss, GPS allows the drone to follow you and land back at its base.

Focusing on important things is made simple by waypoint route planning via the app. Up to 32 GB memory cards can be used with the drone to store your video content. The HS5104K has an orbit mode and can be controlled by voice commands and hand gestures, like the majority of the drones in this review.

The T25 is finished off with two batteries and a tidy carrying case. Holy Stone is without a doubt one of the industry leaders in manufacturing consumer drones. Additionally, the T25 provides a well-equipped entry into their brand.

FLL SG108 Pro- Best Color Drone

  • Control: 5 GHz remote controller and phone app
  • Flight Time: 28 minutes
  • Range: 3280 feet (1200 m)
  • Video camera resolution: 1080p
  • Features: Two cameras (780p downward-facing camera), GPS, follow-me mode, return home mode
FLL SG108 Pro

The ZLL SG108 Pro’s color is the first thing you notice about it. When it is at the far end of its 3280’ range, the vivid orange color may make it easier for you to see it. Both the downward-facing (720p) and front-facing (adjustable, HD resolution) cameras on the camera drone have the same resolution. With 2-axis stabilization, the front camera is mounted on a gimbal.

Both the follow-me mode and the return-to-home mode are made possible by GPS positioning. For the full feature set, the remote control functions both independently and when connected to your phone. There are voice and gesture controls for this price range of drones. If you’re looking for a distinctive drone with a long list of features, the SG108 Pro might be right for you.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Expect From A Drone

Knowing the typical features and specifications of products in your price range and category will help you get the most for your money.

Average Flight Time

The typical flight time of a drone under $200 today is 9 to 12 minutes. Naturally, some brands emphasize a longer flight time as a selling point, while others place more importance on other specifications or features. However, the majority of the drones on this list have flight times of at least ten minutes.

Notably, the power of the battery will cause smaller drones to have a flight time that is more toward the lower end of this range. Nevertheless, because of their heavy payloads, large drones can also have short flight times.

Average Features

Yes, almost every drone on this list comes with a useful set of features. We are discussing all of the features, including standard ones like Auto Return, Obstacle Avoidance, Low Battery Alarm, Headless Mode, LED Lights, One Key Auto Takeoff and Landing, Altitude Hold, and 360 Degrees Aerial Stunt.

But that’s not all—almost every drone on the list below has features like Selfie Mode, Orbit Mode, Waypoints Auto-Flight, and Follow Me!

Average Control Range

We all enjoy watching drones that soar far above our line of sight and astound the crowd with their altitude. Nowadays, the majority of drones in this price range already have amazing control distances of between 100 and 300 meters. Since the majority have a Return to Home feature, there’s no need to be concerned about losing it.

Average Performance

Drones within this price range already present an amazing performance, providing a very stable and steady hover combined with responsive controls and enough power to fight windy conditions. Only the products that perform better than average when compared to those at the same price were chosen for this top 6 list.

Average Camera Quality

The majority of the top drones under $200 are already equipped with high-quality image cameras and live video transmission. You’ll be able to capture some aerial video and photos that you can proudly post online and share with your family and friends.

On the other hand, the majority of these drones are strong enough to support a GoPro camera, which we strongly suggest if you’re looking for 4K and HD quality footage. If you want a better camera, visit our list of the top drones under $1000 for a better camera option.

Which $200 Drones Are Good?

Before we go into the specifics of each of the top drones, here are some important characteristics to take into account:


The drone’s camera must have a high resolution first, of course. Your photos and videos will look sharp and clear if they have a good resolution. Verify the camera has a high memory capacity. Choose a drone with a camera that can record high-definition video if you are also interested in taking videos. In this situation, you’ll need a camera with a 2.7 to 4 megapixel video range.


Make sure the drone has a radio control system that has a longer range for you to operate it. Range indicates how far you can fly the drone before losing signal. If your drone has a long range, you can fly it farther without worrying about damage or accidents happening if it loses control. These are just a few important criteria to consider when picking a drone with a camera.

Flight Tіmе

In order to capture a lot of footage and land less frequently, you should make sure the drone has a long flight time. You can get a flight time of up to 30 minutes from drones that cost under 200 dollars.

To carry spare batteries and avoid having to wait for a recharge, the drone must have replaceable batteries. Take into account the battery charging time as well, as it may be more efficient to charge the batteries more quickly.

Size And Weight

The size and weight of the drone are important considerations because they will impact how you carry and store it. Keep in mind that if you want to take photos or make movies professionally, you’ll need a more sophisticated camera. The camera in question would be heavier. Additionally, the drone must include a special bag or suitcase for packing in order to prevent injuries during transit.


Numerous activities, including photography, filmmaking, and racing, can be done with a drone equipped with a camera. Knowing how to maximize your drone’s speed is crucial if you want to get the most out of it.

Weight, propeller size, and battery type are a few things that will affect how quickly your drone moves. You can make sure that your drone can reach its top speed by being aware of these factors. For instance, a lighter drone can usually fly more quickly than a heavier one.

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Image Stabilization

If you buy a drone for business purposes, make sure the camera has a gimbal. Even when flying in windy conditions, a gimbal stabilizes the camera and enhances the quality of photos and videos. Currently, a 2-axis or 3-axis gimbal is common in drones priced under $200. Select a camera that has a 3-axis gimbal, which is typical for professional use.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Intelligent flight modes make it easier for the pilot to fly independently and are very helpful for new pilots. These are the settings that support the drones’ automatic flight. The following are some examples of intelligent flight modes:

  • Active Track Mode – This setting aids the drone’s ability to follow and lock on to an object. Because you don’t need the remote to make the drone follow you, it is preferable to follow-me mode.
  • The Beginner Mode – Drones can make sure they don’t stray too far from the operator by using this mode. The anti-collision sensors are turned on automatically in the beginner mode, and speed is reduced by about 50%.
  • ​The Follow Me Mode – when activated, the drone automatically follows the pilot or any other target without piloting.
  • The Sports Mode –For those who enjoy moving quickly, this environment is ideal. it enables the drone to reach top speeds and fly precisely without tipping over
  • The Return to Home Mode – In case of signal loss or low power, the drone will automatically return to the takeoff location when this setting is turned on.

Obstacle Avoidance

Invest in a drone with sensors that can recognize obstacles and steer clear of them. Your drone won’t crash into anything and break thanks to the sensors. No one is ever perfect at flying, so the drone should be able to withstand a few bumps.


It’s quite amazing what you can get for your money when you look at the best drones under $200. The entry-level cost of a drone is also astoundingly low. Most surprisingly of all, only the two least expensive drones in this review lack cameras. Therefore, the financial barrier to taking to the skies and even recording your surroundings is quite low.

Now, we must admit that none of these drones will provide what you require if you want to film professionally. In even moderate winds, many of them become useless. If you’re selling your home privately, the footage might be helpful. I saw a beautiful aerial drone shot used to promote the last car I purchased. However, these aren’t typically tools used by professionals. But if that were the case, a $200 camera wouldn’t be used to take professional pictures.

My pick from this comparatively long list would be the Holy Stone HS175D. It is not even at the top of the $200 price range but has a wide range of features. A major selling point is GPS and all the features it makes possible. Additional benefits include memory card recording and 46 minutes of flight time. This is a good option for anyone looking for the best drones under $200.

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