EXO Drone Reviews 2022: Is It Worthy To Buy?

EXO Drone Reviews 2022: Is It Worthy To Buy?

Drones are autonomous flying machines that can travel wherever you want them to. EXO Drones are some of the best drones available on the market that can deliver on the promise of cinematic quality imagery, whether that’s through high-quality cameras or smooth flying.

EXO Drones are reasonably priced despite their high performance. This brand performs admirably in comparison to more pricey names. Contrasting them with their rivals, EXO drones have some of the best features. Consider purchasing one, do you? You are now in the proper location. Continue reading our review to find out if buying the EXO drone is a wise decision.

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What Is EXO Drone?

Charles Cannon established the business EXO in 2020. Even at the height of what would come to be known as The Flu Pandemic, this venture quickly expanded to be among the 100 fastest-growing companies in America. He operated out of his garage and shipped the first drone, the X7 Ranger, in June of that same year.

Their team oversees the day-to-day operations of EXO Drones LLC, which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our legal entities in those countries have established stringent security protocols to be followed when handling any of our products, which are exclusively made in China or Hong Kong.

Its corporate office is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it only conducts sales within the United States. Our company handles customer service, order fulfillment, and warehouse storage for our devoted clients.

EXO Drones has the equipment to make it simple to capture your life in breathtaking aerial photography to relive it later, share with family and friends, or turn it into cinematic gold.

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EXO Drone

EXO Drones Technology Review

EXO Drone Cameras

You can take high-resolution images and videos at various resolutions, depending on the model you choose. Even slo-mo video at up to 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution is offered by one model.

Whether you want to capture cherished memories or film an epic YouTube video, EXO Drones has the drone for you. One can easily tilt the camera at an angle of up to 120 degrees thanks to zoom-in and zoom-out features. With this drone, you can take hands-free selfies in addition to using other editing tools like filters, music, and more.

Live Feed Controller

Only a controller and two or three buttons are included with some drones. EXO drone takes the controlling experience to an entirely new level, thanks to its 720P live feed which allows you to see what is being captured in real-time, ensuring that no footage goes unaccounted for.

Battery Life For EXO Drones

Drone batteries are designed to last for around 20-40 minutes per charge, depending on the size and model. Even if you can’t film a one-shot masterpiece like The Great War (1917), you can easily get back up and running by replacing the old battery with a new one.

EXO Drone Handling

If you’ve ever operated a drone, you are well aware of the challenges involved in learning to control two very distinct dimensions. Fortunately for us though, gravity always seems ready to step in and help bring us back down when we’re too high up in the sky, even if sometimes we don’t want it to!

EXO Drones come equipped with a three-axis gimbal to counteract the inevitable movements when flying and capturing footage.

Drones also come equipped with 100% brushless, high-performance motors which provide stable and controlled flight even in wind speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Smart-fly Features

When attempting to balance both flying and filming at the same time, EXO Drones are excellent. EXO Drone is the way to go whether you’re a beginner or someone who just wants to concentrate on filming!

The first step is to center your subject in the frame. To do this, draw a rectangle around the subject or subject(s) you wish to capture and then press the enter key.

Drop a pin on your map using the drone’s GPS to have it circle the area, keeping your pin dead center. The drone will hover in place if you aren’t touching the joysticks.

Gps Feature Called “Return To Home”

If the battery runs out or you are unable to guide the drone back to its starting point, losing it may become a reality. However, with GPS coordinates, all you need to do is click Return Home, which takes care of everything for you! Even in the absence of electricity or an internet connection, the drone will automatically return home.

Differernt EXO Drone Models Review

With EXO Drone, there are multiple options available to buy from depending on what type of drone user you are. Because of their distinctive advantages, some drones are attractive to particular people.

ESO X7 Ranger

This drone is perfect if you are just getting started or are looking for something inexpensive to practice with. You can learn everything’s functions and how to set it up with the help of inexpensive, simple-to-follow tutorials.

The beginner mode ensures that there isn’t too much going on at once when you first take off so you can get used to driving your vehicle. There are also troubleshooting tutorials in case something goes wrong or something else needs to be set up. This was a terrific acquisition!

The EXO X7 is equipped with excellent stabilization technology. This means that regardless of the weather outside, you can expect clear, stable video. This gives you more flexibility when working in windy conditions and filming anything from quickly moving vehicles to animals on foot.

You also don’t have to worry about capturing shots of nearby objects or people because the EXO will find them first and stabilize them so they’re immobile while shooting!


  • Easy To Use
  • Long Battery Life
  • Dual HD Cameras


  • A bit expensive for those used to other cheaper brands
  • Requires a bit of training to master how to fly it

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ESO X7 Ranger Plus

This drone is much more powerful than you might expect despite being priced comparably lower. This is due to the fact that it improves upon the EXO X7 Ranger, which was already cutting-edge and provided an exceptional level of experience. The EXO X7 Ranger Plus offers fast navigation with speeds of up to 27 MPH – amazing! During my free time, this copter drives me crazy when flying around at night.

The simplicity of use of this drone is one of my favorite features. Just one click and the Exo x7-ranger 7 flips in a split second with an awesome view! They even added this Return Home button that instantly recalls the drone back, which really comes in handy when you lose track of it or want to fly it somewhere else quickly – even if it’s just out for dinner!


  • Time for flight is sufficient
  • A great quadcopter at a fair price
  • Fun is guaranteed


  • Quite costly

ESO Cinemaster

Here is an excellent camera drone that is reasonably priced. This quadcopter’s 3-axis gimbal and 1/3 in-camera sensor make it the ideal choice for beginning filmmakers or photographers who want to experiment with aerial photography. Many features make flying in a Cinemaster a delight!

View flight dynamics on the controller screen, One-button Return to Home, One-switch Sport Mode, Built-in GPS Location, and Quick Start Tutorials that will walk you through operating the drone while giving you access to all other features. Also available via live chat is a real person with drone flying experience who can assist with any queries you might have during your initial flights.


  • sophisticated safety features.
  • a camera system with great value.
  • Night visibility.

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  • It is slower than EXO X7 Ranger Plus
  • inadequate live feed.

Exopro Blackhawk

Blackhawk is more than capable of handling anything you can throw at it thanks to its ƒ2.0 professional lens and 4K resolution. Additionally, it has an improved 3-axis gimbal, which keeps the image steady even when you’re flying through challenging weather. Many drones on the market today lack a gimbal that is capable of stabilizing the drone, but this one won’t be one of them!

Blackhawk gives you the option to either speed up or slows down time. Blackhawk not only offers unmatched in-flight features, but it also has the ability to fly up to 8 kilometers farther than any other drone currently on the market. This means that this device can fly for up to 43 minutes on its own before requiring a recharge; and with three extra batteries, you’ll be able to complete more than 10 flights in a single day!


  • Lenses and resolution of 4K
  • A long-distance view
  • Great Battery Life


  • Expensive

EXO Mini

To the already well-liked DJI mini 2 and mini 3 pros, the new EXO Mini drone offers an inexpensive and portable substitute. It offers nearly identical features to its more expensive competitors but can be purchased for $400 instead, saving you $100. It comes from America, just like the Hubsan Zino Mini Pro, so you’ll always have support if you need it.

Along with its 48 MP claim, this 1/1.3″ sensor seems intriguing enough. Essentially, it has a 12 MP sensor with quad Bayer technology, or so we believe. When photos are processed in post-production, the pixel count is multiplied by 48, making the sensor’s actual resolution 48 MP. This EXO Mini drone was exactly what I needed; it has all the flight modes you could ever want, including follow me, orbit, and waypoints, to name a few.


  • Lenses and resolution of 4K
  • long-distance view
  • Great Battery Life


  • Costly

Customer Review From Amazon

  • “Clearly the real deal, this product is. Not your typical drone, the X7 Ranger had excellent video recording capabilities right out of the box and flew smoothly. the handling of the drone is flawless and the battery seems to just last forever. Continue producing excellent goods, and I’ll be back for more soon!”
  • “As a beginner pilot, learning Ranger was very simple. In comparison to other drones I’ve tried, like my friends, the setup and controls are much more simple. Even though the camera isn’t quite as sophisticated as a high-end drone, it still produces a really good live feed, and the quality difference is only apparent on a large screen. “
  • “Exo drones are dominant players in the drone industry. For photographers and videographers, they are crucial tools. Getting these drones is beneficial for the drone industry, pilots, and the media in particular. To incorporate a 2K video camera, a 3-axis gimbal, and a 13 sensor, the business teamed up with Sony. From your mobile device, you can view your surroundings with a 50x zoom feature.”
  • “Four of the boy’s flights were successful. Yesterday, the drone took off and traveled nearly a mile in a straight line before disappearing from view.”
  • “Surprisingly, I’m impressed with this drone. In light of some “decent” reviews, in particular, I anticipated getting what I paid for with this, but I was pleasantly surprised.”


And now you know! EXO has something for everyone, and they are willing to meet your every need. When compared to other drones, it is an awesome drone that is stronger and less expensive. For the low cost, this EXO X7 Ranger Drone is a complete steal. When compared to more expensive names, this one performs superbly.

It doesn’t have a lot of high-end features, like obstacle avoidance or 4K video recording, but it has everything you need and more!

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