Tactical X Drone Reviews 2022: Is It Good To Buy?

Tactical X Drone Reviews 2022: Is It Good To Buy?

Drones are fascinating to many people. The Tactical X Drone is a superior portable model, according to its manufacturer. All reviewers concurred that Tactical X Drone is the best camera drone of its kind and can provide you with the best display quality more than any other drone you have ever used.

It’s portable, svelte, compact, and built with an ergonomic design. Its small size allows for both indoor and outdoor use.

Below is a review of the Tactical X drone that will assist those looking to purchase one. Keep reading.

What Is Tactical X Drone?

The Tactical X Drone is a portable quadcopter drone that is ideal for amateur, seasoned, and professional photographers, as well as filmmakers. You can perfectly capture aerial view images and videos using the device. Amazing images and videos are captured for you by its top-notch cameras.

The drone’s lightweight design is intended to make easy air movement possible. Its movement is controlled by a one-touch controller, which makes moving it very simple. Considering how simple the controls are, the Tactical X Drone is probably the best option for beginners. When compared to other drones, the Tactical X Drone is simpler for a beginner to learn how to fly. Before being able to control the Tactical X Drone with ease, you don’t need any prior drone flying experience.

While shopping in a drone store, the design and model of the drone will catch your attention. It has a classy appearance that sets it apart from other drones in the same price range. The board-gyro is a feature that comes as standard on the Tactical X Drone and helps it maintain altitude while in use while also increasing stability.

It stands out from the competition thanks to this distinctive feature. The operator can perform mid-air, turning stunts and maneuvers thanks to the drone’s improved stability, and he can do so while having a great time because he isn’t worried about the drone falling on his face.

Specifications Of Tactical X Drone

● Model: Tactical X Drone
● Frequency: 2.4G
● Channels: 4CH
● FPV: Wi-Fi
● Transmitter Mode: Mode 2 (left-hand throttle)
● R/C Distance: approximately 150 meters; Wifi Distance: About 90m
● Gyro: 6-Axis
● Flying Time: About 15 minutes
● Flying Distance: 150m
● Front Camera: Wide-angle 1080P HD (High Definition)
● Charging Time: About 28 minutes

Features Of Tactical X Drone

  • Strong: The Tactical X Drone is extremely durable and constructed with high-quality materials to increase this durability. The device is constructed with a plastic case that keeps it sturdy in the event of a fall or crash, maintaining its functionality.
  • Compact and Foldable: to increase portability and ease of use. The device is designed to be adjustable and foldable. It can perfectly enclose a box. It is incredibly light, weighing no more than one pound. Both your backpack and any small bag can accommodate it perfectly. It is incredibly simple to maintain and doesn’t take up much room.
  • Takes pictures from any angle: According to several Tactical X Drone Reviews, the drone can take pictures from any angle and as high as the rooftop of a two-story building. It can take still pictures with ease and is extremely stable in flight.
  • takes pictures from a distance of more than 3000 feet: As was already mentioned, Tactical X Drone can take pictures from a distance of more than half a mile. The Tactical X Drone is a sure bet if you want to capture videos and photos from a “birds-eye view.”
  • Panorama: Panoramic images are possible with the Tactical X Drone. Its wider lens and wider flight path range allowed for 360-degree panoramic shots.
  • 6 Axis stabilization: The drone uses automatic self-stabilization technology. Without resulting in blurry images, it can capture high-resolution images and record crystal-clear videos.
  • Easy to Maintain and Use: It is very simple to operate, store, and maintain the Tactical X Drone. Keep in mind that it can be folded up and takes up very little room. Easy to fly and control is the tactical drone. You will use that product without breaking a sweat.
Tactical X Drone

Pros And Cons Of Tactical X Drone


  • Affordable Price: How is something that costs nearly $100 affordable? In some other products, $100 is a sizable sum. The best drone is Tactical X. It is currently available from the seller for 50% less. One of the reasons it appears so cheap is because of that. The Tactical X drone offers far more features and intelligent functionality than what the company is currently charging for it. Beware of drones that cost much less than $100; you do get what you pay for.
  • Editing skills for video: Tactical will make it appear, expert, even though they are total novices. This drone has the ability to edit videos, making amateur recordings look polished.
  • Trajectory Flight: A tactical X drone’s track can be followed, lowering the possibility of collision and loss.
  • App Control: Tactical X drone app is made to be controlled through mobile apps that provide significantly better control.
  • 4k a camera with a good lens Despite its high cost, the tactical x drone has a good camera, a feature typically only found on more expensive special function drones. Such a camera enables users to capture images with high-quality images, enabling them to observe nature and see details with great clarity.
  • No hassle return: 30-day money-back guarantees are offered on all purchases. Users now have the option to reconsider their decision even after their order has been delivered. You can return very easily and get your money back as soon as possible.


only accessible online: Tactical X drones can only be bought online at mytacticaldrone.com for a variety of reasons. Although it appears that they will make it available in retail stores soon, despite the company’s efforts to raise awareness, the majority of people will still be left out.

Limited stock: The business recently disclosed that there are only a few available for purchase and that it is unknown when supplies will run out again. If you’re thinking about buying it, it is advised that you do so right away.

Missing a controller battery The transmitter battery is not provided by the manufacturer to customers. so users are forced to buy from their budget.

Technical Specifications Review Of Tactical X Drone

The Tactical X Drone, as was already mentioned, has crazy technical features that set it apart. I’ll highlight and go over a few of the Tactical X Drone’s numerous features, which will unquestionably demonstrate why it’s the best drone on the market for taking pictures.


The camera on the Tactical X Drone is of medium quality. It may not be as good as other cameras in more expensive drones on the market, but it is the best in its price range. It has a good camera that takes cute pictures and is quite impressive. With a 120-degree FOV, the 4K camera can record footage from a variety of angles. For ideal aerial shooting, the angle range can be adjusted from 0 to 90.

You can record vivid videos in a variety of settings thanks to the camera’s decent frame rate and color balance. A 12-megapixel sensor is also included in the camera, which improves the quality of the photos and videos that can be captured. The drone’s stability is increased by the gyroscope and altitude hold feature, which minimizes camera distortion while in use. This feature is very helpful because the drone lacks a gimbal for stabilizing photos and videos.

With the Tactical X Drone’s FPV feature, you can stream real-time videos and photos to your phone while the drone is still in the air. An even more impressive feature of the drone’s camera is its panoramic mode, which enables you to take 360-degree photos with a single click. You can take wide-angle pictures and videos thanks to the 1200 wide-angle allowance. When using the Tactical X Drone, you should stay away from shooting from places with a lot of turbulence because it could result in jittery videos. This is due to the camera’s fixed design, which prevents it from adjusting for vibration intensity.


It is amazing how portable and light the Tactical X Drone is. You can carry it around without much effort because it can be quickly folded up to take up little space. This is different from other larger drones that occupy a lot of space and are difficult to maneuver.

This drone’s beautiful and distinctive feature is its extremely low weight, which means carrying it around won’t add to your load of other items. The foldable joints of the Tactical X Drone allow it to be carried around easily because it is so small. The drone’s propeller blades are easily removable, making it simple to store in its backpack while taking up very little room.

The best drone for travel as a result of this. The drone has a unique operation feature known as the headless mode that makes it very comfortable for first-time and inexperienced users in addition to its obviously superior portability. No matter where the camera is pointed, it offers the same front to the user. Contrary to other brands that change fronts when the camera position changes, this makes it simpler for the user to operate the device comfortably when he is a novice.


To ensure longevity, the Tactical X Drone is constructed with a robust and durable case. Due to the strength and durability of its folding propellers, it can crash into objects without them breaking. When it collides with hard objects, the exterior casing’s impressively resilient construction shields it from harm.

Flying a drone often means coming across flying objects like birds in the air, which you could easily hit and cause to crash. To lose control of your drone is commonplace. The likelihood of a drone being damaged when it crashes while in the air is always high.

The Tactical X Drone’s special ability to fold its propellers stops them from breaking in the event of a high-impact collision with the ground. The drone’s installed gravity sensors also prevent it from colliding with other objects in the air.

Led Flash And Gravity Sensors

Two LED flashlights are mounted next to the camera on the Tactical X Drone. The drone can shoot in low light or at night thanks to its lights. Additionally, the lights are placed so that you can see the drone clearly during nighttime shoots and that it does not stray off course.

More impressively, the Tactical X Drone’s gravity sensors allow you to tilt your phone back and forth or sideways to control the drone. These control techniques give you a first-rate flying experience and give you the impression that you are a licensed commercial flight pilot.

Battery Life

The Tactical X Drone has an impressive battery life and subsequent flight time. The flight time is the shortest among larger, more expensive drones, though it is still the best in its class. You can complete all of your filming requirements and needs thanks to the Tactical X Drone battery’s long hang time in the air.

The flight time of the battery is approximately 15 minutes, which may not seem like a long time. However, it is worthwhile based on the drone’s price. The Tactical X Drone outperforms its rival brands in the same price range because, in most cases, their flight times are 8 minutes or less. Fast-charging capabilities on the Tactical X Drone let you quickly recharge the battery and resume filming. As opposed to other brands, which take hours to fully charge, the approximate full charge time is 70 minutes.

Drone Stability

When purchasing a drone, you should pay close attention to its stability. The majority of drones operate with poor vertical stability and are easily swirled by the wind. This results in distorted and low-quality images. In most cases, unstable drones also cause the pilot to lose control of the aircraft.

The best drone for taking pictures is the Tactical X Drone because it has more sophisticated stabilization features. Because of its improved and controlled stability, the drone has the ability to withstand challenging circumstances, such as strong winds, and maintain its position.

This stability ensures flawless shots even in unfavorable circumstances because the drone keeps to its ideal course. It is also very simple to fly thanks to its stability; unlike other drones of a similar design, it can be flown in challenging conditions without the need for special flying skills. You can keep the drone at a fixed height while shooting by using the altitude hold mode on the device.

Remote Controllers And Control System

The majority of drones on the market have difficult-to-use remote controllers and intricate control systems. These typically need experienced pilots or prior training before you can operate the device. Even if you’ve never used a drone before, the Tactical X Drone is simple to use and control thanks to an integrated control option and a simple system. A remote controller with controls that you use to operate the drone is included in the drone’s package.

Alternatively, you could download the drone app to your smartphone and use that to control the device. You can attach your phone to the phone holder on the remote controller to view a live feed from the drone app as it continues to shoot. It is better to fly the drone from your phone because you have more control even when it is out of sight.

A signal about the area the drone system is flying over is sent to your phone by an FPV feeder. When you want to perform specific stunts and twists on wide-open spaces or navigate sharp corners, it would be simpler and more comfortable to use the remote controller. More drone maneuverability is possible thanks to the remote controller.

The controller is made with the most recent technological advancements and has a sleek, contemporary design. Additionally, it features a single-stroke button for takeoff and landing, making it simple to operate and welcoming to novice users with little to no experience.

Intelligent Automated Landing Controls 

The most terrifying aspect of flying a drone is losing contact with it while it is in the air, not its size, color, or flight time. Typically, losing contact with the drone sends it tumbling down, where it may easily shatter into pieces depending on the surface it lands on.

The Tactical X Drone has an intelligent landing control system with safety fail features to prevent accidents. It stands out from other drones in its range because of this. The drone detects when it loses contact with the remote controller and automatically slows down during landing. You have enough time to reconnect the remote control for a secure landing because of this.

Many drone pilots are terrified of damaging the flying gear during takeoff and landing because it is such a difficult skill to master. Nevertheless, you won’t have to worry as much about the Tactical X Drone because of how simple the takeoff and landing procedures are with its remote control. This drone has a special feature that only requires one keystroke to land and take off.

The Tactical X Drone is best for domestic applications, but it may not be appropriate for professional or industrial settings that demand intensive and protracted filming. It boasts a 12-megapixel camera that can capture 4K videos. This drone is a favorite among social media users because it can take amazing aerial view photos and videos for their personal blogs and timelines. The Tactical X Drone guarantees at least 15 minutes of flight time when fully charged before needing to recharge the battery.

Considering that most drones in their price range only have a maximum flight time of 15 minutes before coming crashing to the ground, the drone’s flight time is quite impressive. The Tactical X Drone also boasts incredible technical features that far outperform those of its rivals. The Tactical X Drone is unquestionably the best drone under $100 when compared to other manufacturers in the same price range.

Why Do You need To Buy Tactical X Drone?

Many different factors exist. There are countless options. Here are some factors that may tempt you to buy a Tactical X Drone.

For easy capturing of your Adventurous moments: You won’t ever miss one of your incredible Adventures thanks to the Tactical X Drone. Tactical x can follow you wherever you go thanks to its innovative design, filming in high definition and recording videos with the touch of a button.

Aerial Surveillance: Originally intended as a selfie drone, the Tactical X is now used for security purposes thanks to its long battery life and high-quality camera: ‘One pleased customer claims, “It is also a super third eye.” It is a genuine inexpensive way to increase security and safety. Although it lacks the capabilities of a military drone, it performs some comparable tasks.

Take Expert Photos: The Tactical enables users to take high-quality pictures thanks to its slow-motion capabilities and a larger field of view. It is one of the best, most affordable photographer drones, according to recent reviews.

How To Use Tactical X Drone?

The Tactical X Drone can be used by following these easy steps:

  • As soon as you receive the Tactical X Drone, check the unboxing to make sure the correct item was delivered.
  • Additionally, to control the drone, users of this device can download a mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Install the drone and its parts; instructions for doing so are included in the product package.
  • Set the controller up once you’re finished. You can ask an experienced person to walk you through using a drone controller or console if you are unfamiliar with them. The Tactical X Drone control is simple to use and understand, though.
  • The signal that connects the drone and controller is usually strong, however, test run if possible, especially for very high altitude
  • You can adjust the drone and change its settings, speed, range, and height, including settings like follow-me setting
  • You can easily fold this device after use because it is foldable.

Where To Buy Tactical X Drone?

On the official website, tactical x drones are currently on sale. The business claimed to have a sufficient number of payment options and customer support options to handle any incoming orders. Additionally, they guarantee faster shipping times.

Customer Reviews On Tactical X Drone

To ensure longevity, the Tactical X Drone is constructed with a robust and durable case. Due to the strength and durability of its folding propellers, it can crash into objects without them breaking. When it collides with hard objects, the exterior casing’s impressively resilient construction shields it from harm.

The Tactical X Drone’s special ability to fold its propellers stops them from breaking in the event of a high-impact collision with the ground. The drone’s installed gravity sensors also prevent it from colliding with other objects in the air.

Most reviewers were dissatisfied with the Tactical X Drone battery because of its short flight time and inconveniently frequent charging. The battery was the only apparent issue, and other than that, many users were pleased with the device’s amazing performance and stylish appearance. Others praised it for its superior stability in bad weather and exceptionally clean shots even in choppy conditions.

Here are some of the real customer feedback on the Tactical X drone:

  • “This past weekend, we took it out on the water and captured some fantastic video of everyone rafting and skiing! I’m looking forward to watching it on the holiday family video!”
  • “The Tactical X is an amazing piece of technology that can elevate your videos to a completely new level, whether you’re a total beginner or a more experienced flyer who needs it for business and media.”
  • “I enjoy using this at both sunrise and sunset on the beach. You truly get a bird’s eye view of the whole ocean. You can actually picture it from their viewpoint. All the people appear to be tiny dots walking along the water when it is sufficiently out over the water. Clear, sparkling water reflects the lights. The 4k is really cool.”
  • “With time, drones become more sophisticated and become more affordable. However, they are by no means inexpensive. At this price, it is almost unheard of to find a drone with a high-quality camera that produces such beautiful aerial images and video. This drone is among the best on the market and is very affordable.” 
  • “I feel like I’ll use this for everything. In the little more than a week I’ve had it, I’ve already seen my daughter ride her bike without training wheels, discovered a ball she launched onto the roof a few weeks ago, and assisted my boss in filming a promotional video for the business. Not yet crashed it!”

Our Verdict

The Tactical X Drone is a brand-new, cutting-edge drone that comes equipped with all the high-quality features you need, whether you’re a professional or a novice drone user, to take beautiful photos and videos.

If you consider buying drones currently,  then Tactical X Drone is a good option!

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How is the Tactical X Drone bought?

Visit the official manufacturer’s sales website to place your order for the best deal.

What is its duration?

The drone is extremely resilient. It has durable construction materials that extend its lifespan.

How is Tactical X drone weight?

The Tactical X Drone is small and very transportable. It is roughly 360 grams in weight.

What Is Tactical X Drone Range?

With a range of over 3,000 feet, the Tactical X Drone creates breathtaking panoramic images from unusual viewpoints and vantage points you’ve never seen before.

Tactical X Drone Vs. Quadair Drone

Tactical X Drone sets itself apart as an affordable drone option for anyone interested in taking high-quality aerial view photos.

Choose according to your own needs; each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

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What Makes a Great Remote Control Drone?

In comparison to the conventional model airplane or helicopter, remote-controlled drones are more precise, stable, and long-range. While operating their equipment, the pilots don’t have to worry about colliding with trees or other obstructions.

Pilots are typically able to fly their craft higher and farther as a result than they could with a conventional model helicopter or airplane. This frequently enables a much more engaging and enjoyable aerial experience.

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