How to Find the Registration Number for DJI Fly App? Full Guide

How to Find the Registration Number for DJI Fly App? Full Guide

How to find the registration number for DJI fly app? Here we will show you the process of registration to the DJI app and find your registration number.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) entails that a registration number be affixed to a drone so that it can be located easily during the visual inspection in a given area.

To successfully complete this task, please read the instructions below.

What is DJI Fly App?

The DJI Fly App is a user-based App that gives users integrated access to SkyPixel, a social media platform for sharing their beautiful aerial shots and videos.

Mesmerizing aerial photography is available for browsing, sharing, and discovery.

How to Register to DJI Fly App?

Let’s start by going over the DJI Fly App registration process.

Create An Account With DJI Fly App

Create an account number with DJI to start the process. You can accomplish this by visiting the DJI website, just like with any other web application. You must have an online account in order to make any purchases from the DJI store.

Connect Your DJI Fly App Account to Your DJI Drones

The activation process for a new DJI drone includes linking it to your online DJI account. The process is very straightforward whether you want to do this with the DJI GO or DJI Fly smartphone apps. A mobile device needs to be connected to the drone’s remote controller in order to activate products.

The precise activation process may vary depending on the DJI drone you’re using, but in general, it entails giving your drone a distinctive name, choosing your preferred video formats and control methods, and activating your drone’s warranty. The drone typically pairs with your internet account toward the end of activation.

How to Find the Registration Number for DJI Fly App?

How to Find the Registration Number for DJI Fly App

Finding the registration number can be a challenge for someone who is new to drones. The steps in the section below are listed to help you through the process of locating the serial number and connecting your drone to the DJI Fly App. Read on to know more.

In the DJI Fly App

  • Connect the DJI Fly App, your drone, and the controller.
  • Go to General Settings by clicking the button in the top right corner.
  • Go to the bottom and select the option “About” and find the serial number.

This procedure would work only if DJI Fly App account is linked to the DJI drone.

On the Body of the Drone

You can also find the registeration number on one of the following :

  • оn thе tаіl оf thе drоnе
  • thе расkаgіng of drone
  • thе bоttоm оf thе drоnе
  • on or near the bаttеrу соmраrtmеnt

Does the Drone Registration Number Expire?

 Drone Registration Number

Yes. Registration of drones, whether for commercial or recreational use, is only valid for a period of three years. It’s wonderful to know that updating your registration information is as easy as registering your drone for the first time.

Simply sign in to your registration on the FAADroneZone site, scroll to the Recreational or Part 107 area, then click the “Renew” option that is located on the dashboard. From this point forward, merely adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. You will have to pay the five dollar registration fee again at some point in the future. The previous registration number should then allow you to proceed.

You always have the choice to register your drone under a new FAADroneZone account if you are unable to access your prior one for any reason. Since the registration fee hasn’t changed, it follows that nothing has changed.

You will receive a new registration number, which necessitates changing the label on your drone. This is the only drawback to the method.

Bottom Line: How to Find the Registration Number for DJI Fly App

So you should be clear about how to find the registration number for DJI fly app.

The first thing you should do after unpacking your DJI drone is register it with the FAA. However, remember to connect your drone with the DJI fly app by using your registration number.

For all new users, it can be a challenge finding the registration number, the above article will hopefully help you develop the connection between your Drone and DJI Fly App via the Registration Number.

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Where is DJI Registration Number?

The serial number is located on the tail of the drone.

Can You Fly DJI Without Registration?

All drones must be registered, except those that weigh 0.55 pounds or less (less than 250 grams) and are flown exclusively under the Exception for Recreational Flyers.

What Happens If I Don’t Register My Drone?

Federal law makes it against the law to not register a drone that needs to be registered. Failure to register a drone can result in both civil and criminal penalties for the operator.

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