How to Charge Dji Mini 2? Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Charge Dji Mini 2? Complete Guide for Beginners

Do you know how to charge DJI mini 2? The DJI Mini 2 brings charging via USB-C to a For the first time, a DJI drone is available, along with a ton of new charging options that are very practical.

Check out this guide for information on how to charge your DJI Mini 2 at home or while on the go.

How to Charge DJI Mini 2?

Here are some different ways to power up your DJI Mini 2.

USB Wall Charger

In contrast to other DJI drones, the DJI Mini 2 does not come with a wall power adapter in the box. Nevertheless, it can be charged using any standard wall power adapter that produces at least 15W.

The manufacturer-recommended 18W power adapter made by DJI is strongly advised, though. This wall charger can complete a full charge cycle for a DJI Mini series drone in about 90 minutes and is specifically made for use with those drones.

Battery Bank

I bet you were unaware of this one! Because the DJI Mini 2 has a smaller, less powerful battery, it can actually be charged with a compatible portable battery bank for convenient charging on the go!

Check out the 20,000mAh UGREEN Power Bank, which can be charged at up to 20W of power. When we’re in the field, we always use it because it charges just as quickly as using a wall outlet. Additionally, with a sizable 20,000 mAh reserve, you can use just one battery bank to charge up to 6 batteries!

Car Charger

In contrast to larger drones like the DJI Air 2S and Mavic 3, DJI doesn’t make a specific car charger for the DJI Mini 2 or Mini SE. Fortunately, all you need for on-the-go charging is a basic phone car charger that uses the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

The UGREEN Fast Car Charger, a top-notch car charger with two ports and 18W of power output per port, is our top pick for charging multiple devices at once. It’s the best method for charging your Mini series drone while you’re out and about.

Charging Display Case

The all-in-one solution for charging your drone and displaying it in your home at the same time may be our favorite of the bunch. The DJI Charging Display Case gives you a convenient way to charge your drone while showcasing your enthusiasm at home.

Check out this innovative charging solution today to make your drone both functional and fashionable. It houses it in a transparent dome and illuminates it with a ring of LED light.

Battery Charging Hub

Have a few Mini series Intelligent Flight Batteries in regular use? Utilize a small Battery Charging Hub to charge them simultaneously while keeping them stored collectively when not in use. The best way to make sure your batteries are fully charged and prepared for takeoff at a moment’s notice is to use battery charging hubs.

Charge Dji Mini 2

The best part is that these handy battery charging hubs work with any original DJI Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Batteries you might have.

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How Long Does It Take to Charge Dji Mini 2 Controller?

It takes 60 minutes for a single Using a charging hub with a 36W power output, charge a Mini 2 battery.

How Long to Charge DJI Mini 2 Battery?

If used with the DJI 18W USB Charger, fully charging three DJI Mini 2 batteries only takes four hours.

Can You Charge DJI Mini 2 Directly?

You can connect the aircraft to a charger with Type-C cable, or use the Two-Way Charging Hub.

Can You Charge DJI Mini 2 With Phone Charger?

Unlike with larger drones like the DJI Air 2S and Mavic 3, DJI doesn’t produce a specific car charger for the DJI Mini 2 or Mini SE. Luckily, all you need to charge on the go is a simple phone car charger that draws power via your car’s cigarette lighter.

Final Words

When the Intelligent Flight Battery is fully charged, take to the skies with the DJI Mini 2 and start flying.

Thanks to the new upgraded motors, you’ll enjoy a fantastic 31-minute flight time. if you want to learn more about DJI Mini 2, read our posts below:

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