EXO X7 Ranger Plus Drone Review 2022: Read Before Buying!

EXO X7 Ranger Plus Drone Review 2022: Read Before Buying!

When selecting the ideal drone for your needs. It is crucial to think about how successful your flying will be in the future. From professional uses to commercial uses or even entertainment uses, the EXO X7 Ranger Plus drone can help you meet your drone’s goals.

Aside from the high price, this drone doesn’t really have any significant drawbacks. However, there have been complaints that if you land the drone on grass and one of the motors fails, the company will assert that you crash-landed the drone.

To learn more about the features of the EXO X7 Ranger Plus drone, keep reading.

What Is EXO X7 Ranger Plus Drone?

A quadcopter drone with a 4k camera designed for professional aerial photography and videography is the EXO x7 ranger.

A dynamic drone with good range, it creates video and images with vivid colors and fine details. The EXO drone x7 ranger is one of EXO drones integrated with a lot of advanced features that I will discuss below

Even if you’re not very experienced with flying and controlling drones, you should choose an EXO x7 ranger drone because it is simple to fly.

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Pros And Cons


  • Has obstacle avoidance and wind resistance
  • Comes with a nice travel bag with hand hold
  • It has a short learning curve
  • If you need repairs or accessories, you can ship it in or order what you need
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • The batteries last a long time
  • Exceptional customer service on this drone
  • The company that makes this drone responds fast to queries
  • Good flight range and battery time
  • It is made in the USA


  • The price goes up tremendously when you add accessories
  • It is heavy so you have to register it with the civil aviation authority of your country
  • The process of connecting the drone to the Fly EXO App can occasionally take longer than anticipated.

Features & Technical Details

You can purchase this drone in a variety of packages to suit your needs by visiting the EXO Drones website.

When you click the button for either, there doesn’t seem to be any difference at all despite the fact that they claim to have both the USA Edition and the Classic Edition.

Along with the user manual and a single battery, the package also includes a travel bag and additional accessories like extra blades, a USB charging cable, and a travel pouch.

Although the two and three-battery packages are more expensive, they are worthwhile because flying this drone is quite fun. For those who want to use their drone to record adventure videos, there is also a four-battery package available.

Design & Build Quality

One of the best-made drones is this one. There is some relief for you if you are in the USA, but it is not immune from damage when you crash.

There is a repair shop for this drone, which is made in the US. You do not have to write off your investment if your drone crashes.

You can find that they provide repair services on their website’s Support Page. You will need to fill out a form and ship the drone to them. They’ll ship it back after they fix it. Additionally, you can request a repair cost estimate.

The X7 Ranger Plus weighs more than 250g, which is over the weight limit for flying a drone without registering it with the FAA. You can complete the entire registration process online, and it is quick and affordable.

Foldable design makes storing and transporting the X7 Ranger simpler. You can easily pack it and take it on the road because it also includes a travel bag. It is incredibly simple to pack because the blades are split-style and fold up as well.

This drone is available in red with a matte finish for easier handling in both the classic and American editions.

EXO X7 Ranger Plus Drone

Camera Quality

To take aerial videos and photos is the primary motivation for purchasing a drone today. This is something that EXO is very aware of. That is why they included a 9MP camera on this drone.

The camera will record 2K and 4K videos. First-person view (FPV) capability with 720P video quality is also included with this drone.

A 3-axis gimbal holds the camera in place. This will maintain the camera’s stability and dampen all motion and shaking.

All distortion in your footage will be eliminated. You will get the best view possible when shooting thanks to the camera’s wide panning angle of 110 degrees.

The remote controller also allows you to change the camera’s vertical angle. The view is under your control.

You can enlarge far-off images thanks to the 50 times zoom. You can capture video with more vivid detail by using a magnifier.

Remote Controller

The remote control looks distinctive because of its chevron-patterned surface. To get a first-person perspective while controlling the drone, it has a smartphone holder on the top side.

Although there are only a few keys for various functions, the interface does not appear to be overly cluttered. Both the edges and the face have some.

A small LCD display is located in the middle for viewing your drone’s crucial statistics. It will show the drone’s height and distance as well as the battery voltage.

The transmitter has a 0.5 mile control range.

Battery And Flight Time

There is a 24–25 minute flight time provided by the lithium polymer battery. The battery is secure because it is always locked firmly in place. Additionally, it has built-in overcharge protection, so even when the battery is plugged in there is no risk of damage.

A Type C USB charging cable for quicker charging is included in the box. To prevent the battery from being harmed, use this cable is advised.

Since these batteries are modular, the drone serves as their source of power. You can use one battery to fly the X7 Ranger Plus while the other charges if you purchase two or more batteries.

The business website will also let you order more batteries in the future.

Flight Functions

Multiple flight modes are available with the EXO X7 Ranger Plus quadcopter. Flying is made very enjoyable and simple.

Here are some of the most notable of them:

Level 6 Wind Resistance

You can use this feature to fly this drone in winds up to 18 mph. This drone will fly steadily even in the wind when combined with the quadcopter’s weight and will be simple to trim.

Circle Me And Follow Me Modes

In these modes, the X7 Ranger Plus will fly around you while recording video from all directions. Additionally, you have the option of setting it to follow you wherever you go by selecting the Follow Me mode.

Safe Return To Home Modes

The return to home key can be used to bring the drone back home if desired. Second, the drone will automatically turn around and return home if the battery is low. Furthermore, if the signal is lost, it will return home.

Speed Modes

It has both low and high speed settings. The top speed, which is 27 MPH, is very impressive. You can begin flying it at a low speed, but once you’ve seen how it handles, press the high speed button.

Obstacle Avoidance

You can see a small lens on top of the drone that serves as an obstacle sensor. For this price range, the drone’s ability to detect obstacles within a 150 degree field of view is quite impressive.

Customer Reviews On EXO X7 Ranger Plus Drone

From the way it was assembled to the way it handles while flying, this drone is excellent. Even in strong winds, flights remain stable. Since I purchased it, I have completed about five flights, but I soon hope to complete more. Smith Aaron.

My mind tried to convince me that this was too expensive for a beginner aircraft, but I was looking for my very first drone, so I bought it. I’m so happy I got it now. The learning curve was minimal, and I could fly it like a pro on the same day. Robert Johnson

I love that it can detect obstacles meters before you get to them, and it’s easy to fly, takes good footage, and flies very well. Although it falls far short of DJI’s, it is still excellent and offers good value. Claudia Mervin.

This drone performs flawlessly and according to specifications in every way. Both novice and experienced users should consider purchasing this drone. It is stable and simple to trim with the remote controller when flying in the wind, in my experience. Ron Popescu

Is EXO Ranger Drone Worthwhile?

EXO drone x7 ranger has many strengths compared to drones such as DJI mini 2 and choosing it will cover all your professional or pleasure drone needs. A website is required even though it is more user-friendly and can be used for business, pleasure, and professional purposes. The EXO x7 ranger plus the weight is less compared to other similar drone categories

Additionally, EXO x7 ranger reviews from customers who have purchased the product claim that it is among the best EXO drones and that it is well worth the price because it has a ton of features, a variety of flying modes, and exceptional video quality.

In the end, if you’re a professional or a beginner in drones you need a drone that is simple to maneuver, Easy to use, and with amazing features, and the EXO x7 ranger is a good pick as well as this EXO ranger dronehas an sd card slot where you can store your photo or videos.

Who Should Buy EXO X7 Ranger Plus Drone?

For beginners, this drone appears to be ideal. Easy-to-use features are available. It also has a short learning curve, so you won’t waste time reading lengthy user manuals when you could be flying it and having fun instead.

It is already set up and assembled, so all you need to do to calibrate it is read the user manual. Once you’ve gained some experience, switch to the high-speed mode and begin flying it there.

Get this drone even if you’re looking for your very first drone because you won’t need to upgrade it anytime soon.


The EXO X7 Ranger PLUS drone provides a lot of features. It has a lot of features that you typically don’t find in quadcopters for beginners. You do not need to assemble this drone because it is delivered ready to use.

But there are a few things to think about. For instance, avoid flying it in strong winds as there is a chance that it will take off and vanish into thin air, never to be seen again.

Use the drone away from populated areas and built-up areas, even if it has an obstacle avoidance feature. Use it in wide open areas instead to ensure that you can fly it the full 0.5 miles.

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How Far Can The EXO X7 Ranger Fly?

The X7 Ranger can travel up to 500 meters.

Can The EXO X7 Ranger Avoid Obstacles?

No, the EXO X7 Ranger lacks obstacle avoidance.

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