Can Drones Deliver Packages

Can Drones Deliver Packages

Google and Amazon are already embracing drone technology as a way to offer fast and efficient deliveries to clients with testing underway. Rumours have it that Apple may also be researching drones as a possible delivery option in the future.

Think of all the applications where drones could be utilized to deliver packages where conventional delivery methods may not be appropriate or cost effective. Aid Packages of food, water and medical supplies could be delivered to people in disaster effected areas such as the aftermath to Cyclone Katrina or an earthquake. There is also the advantage for using drones in war-torn areas, where sending in people puts their lives at risk. Drones would be able to deliver much needed supplies to vulnerable people that otherwise wouldn’t receive help.

For smaller deliveries drones could also prove to be a more environmentally friendly delivery service as it reduces motor vehicle use on our roads. There has been some progress in solar drones although they are still in the early stages of development.

Can Drones Deliver Packages

For retailers having smaller packages delivered be drones not only offers a faster service to customers it could also cut down on costs associated with convention delivery practices. The benefits of drone delivery services are immense in the financial and time saving areas which in turn could reduce the cost of items to the consumer.

There are currently limitations to drone delivery services becoming commercially viable on a large scale. Regulations governing how and where drones can fly exist in most countries which will need to revised if large scale drone delivery services were to be implemented. The companies offering the service would also need to consider factors such as drone safety to avoid injuries to people and potential damage to their products, the security of the service against theft and anti-hacking precautions. Current drones are also limited by the distance they can travel, however as technology continues to progress the distances they can travel will be sure to increase.

Even with the teething problems and wrinkles being ironed out, we are sure to see drone deliveries as commonplace in the not too distant future.

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